My name is Dr. Joseph Yi and I am a Licensed Psychiatrist whose interests are in addiction medicine & behavioral health.  In treating patients, I utilize a more progressive approach by drawing upon other disciplines for a holistic sense of well being.

In addition to traditional treatment methods for addiction, we can explore how nutrition, exercise and relaxation can ease your road to recovery.  I am located within the Bucks County region and am currently accepting new patients.  I believe in personal care & attention and hope to have the opportunity to work with you on your road to recovery.


“As a medical student, I have had the privilege of observing Dr. Yi
give practical advice to his patients on nutrition, exercise, and
meditation that is specific to their individual needs.  In a time
where doctors barely listen to their patients, giving them at most 12
minutes of time and patching them up with inadequate quick
fixes - Dr. Yi does the exact opposite. He sees each patient as a
unique individual and creates a customized care plan that
encompass treating the patient as a whole.”

- Michael Mantz, MD
  Psychiatry Resident
  UC Irvine Medical Center

“Dr. Yi, thank you for helping my daughter as well as my entire family
over the last 2 years.  Words cannot express my sincere feelings of
gratitude towards you and your influences in helping my daughter get
her life back.  You bring so much more to the table than just offering
a prescription and I can only pray that more doctors will follow your
example of personalized care.”

- TC  from Ben Salem, PA

“I want to thank Dr Yi for helping both my son and myself during many
difficult struggles.  I truly respect and admire his philosophy on
well being .  Through the help of Dr. Yi, i have now been clean for
over a year and i continue to strive for greater physical & mental
health as part of my recovery.”

- JK from Bristol PA

“In my six months as a patient of Dr. Yi my life has changed
completely.  Through a combination of medication and holistic
guidance, where I once felt that I was drowning, I am now finally

- MF from Newtown, PA

“I have been seeing Dr. Joseph Yi for over two years.  At day one I
was on the outskirts of life and unable to function as an adult. Dr.
Yi assisted me on the path of growth that made me into who I am today.
Through therapy, medication, and a program of holistic recovery I can
finally work, engage in healthy relationships, love myself, and be
responsible in the real world.”

– SB from Levittown, PA