Holistic Psychiatry

“It is rare to find a psychiatrist who considers the long-term effects of medications, minimizes their use, and has expertise in the natural solutions for people with emotional difficulties and addictions.  I refer patients to Dr. Yi because he considers the entire person and attempts to remedy all the causal factors effecting mental health, not just merely write prescriptions.”

Joel Fuhrman, MD
Best selling author of EAT TO LIVE


A wise mentor once taught me that any doctor can prescribe medication but a true healer is one who helps people get off of them.

This philosophy has been the basis of my practice. Many of us in the
medical community seem to believe that mental illness is purely a
result of a neuro-chemical deficiency.  New patients will often tell
me, “my Prozac isn’t working anymore” or that they seek a different
medication to help correct the ‘imbalance’. Perhaps the medication is
not the issue. Is it possible that if patients invested more time,
energy, & love into themselves then they wouldn’t even need the
medication to fill the void in the first place?

Imagine this..

If a toddler was routinely eating fast foods, smoking cigarettes,
confined to a crib, unable to run around and explore the world around
him..  would you expect the toddler to grow up to be a healthy & happy
individual? If not, then would you believe that the solution lies in a

More often than not, patients are misdiagnosed with mental illnesses
and prescribed all kinds of toxic meds that only serve as a temporary
band-aid to a much deeper problem. In actuality, they suffer from the
disease of not knowing how to live healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

I have had the privilege of helping many patients regain control over
their lives through my holistic style of guidance which includes a
combination of exercise, nutrition, meditation/spirituality, and
medication. When my patients understand the fundamentals of healthy
living and practice it on a routine basis, they often discover that
they can be less dependent on meds (or even be free from them).

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and hope to engage you on a journey of self investment & discovery.